Weekly Meal Plan And Grocery Haul

DSCF4576 Weekly Grocery Haul

I had a pretty epic grocery shopping trip last week.  By that, I mean that I got a ton of stuff on sale.  Since so many thins I usually buy were on sale, I bought extra.  So, this week, I was able to go lighter and keep my grocery bill low.  We had two leftover nights last week too, which means I was able to save a meal or two for the meal plan this week.  I’m really excited about the money saved because – you guessed right – it’s going straight toward a credit card.  That’s the debt repayment tactic here – any extra penny is being put toward debt.

Save Money On Groceries By Cooking At Home

Pack those leftovers!

Pack those leftovers!

Well-Used Leftovers

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to save more money (and pay off debt). For us, this pursuit began in August rather than January.  Calculating how much you spend in a give month on eating out is a really beneficial exercise if this is a goal for you as well.  That’s exactly what we did when we made the decision to get serious about our finances.

The Best Banana Bread Ever From Overripe Bananas

Homemade banana bread

Repurpose those overripe bananas!

Put Those Overripe Bananas To Good Use

It’s so easy to let fresh fruit get away from you.  You turn around and suddenly those perfect, yellow bananas you bought earlier in the week have now become mushy and brown. How does that happen so quickly? Part of being frugal when it comes to groceries is using up everything you buy.  You worked hard for that money: don’t waste it!