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18 Smart Ways To Save Money On Groceries


This week, I’m starting a series on meal planning and how I save money on groceries.  I thought it would be helpful to provide some tips on how to do this. Really being strategic about planning out a weekly menu, shopping with a list and managing leftovers can seriously save money on groceries.  When you consider that the big 3 household expenditures are housing, transportation and food, learning how to better manage your kitchen is a great money saving opportunity.  Of course, it’s not all about money.  Just think of how much healthier food you prepare at home can be for your family.  For much less than going out to eat, you can put whole, nutritious foods on your table that will be a benefit to everyone.

The Best Banana Bread Ever From Overripe Bananas

Homemade banana bread

Repurpose those overripe bananas!

Put Those Overripe Bananas To Good Use

It’s so easy to let fresh fruit get away from you.  You turn around and suddenly those perfect, yellow bananas you bought earlier in the week have now become mushy and brown. How does that happen so quickly? Part of being frugal when it comes to groceries is using up everything you buy.  You worked hard for that money: don’t waste it!