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Create A Beautiful Balcony Garden


Growing Food In Small Spaces

This summer marks the third year of my balcony garden. We purchased a two-story condo that sits atop an office 3 years ago.  The neighborhood is great – one of those live, work, play communities that have become so popular. However, moving to a more urban environment was an adjustment for me.  I grew up in the Midwest, with gardens and critters all around; a theme I carried into my adult life with my family.  When moving to Colorado, and with only two teenage boys still at home (we have 4 children), we decided to downsize. What was I to do without a backyard and garden?  I decided to try my best with the space I have, and much to my delight, been very successful!

Growing Fresh Herbs: A Simple, Frugal Way To Boost Flavor

Dill grown in a window sill

Fresh herbs are a win

Save Money, Add Flavor; Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs

Have you ever purchased fresh herbs from the grocery store and winced when you saw the price?  If you’re cheap frugal like me, it is just painful to pay $3 or more for a tiny package of dill or thyme.  Herbs are fool-proof to grow.  Seriously, anyone can grow them, with or without a green thumb.  You can either buy a small plant or start from seeds.  Both are simple and economical.

A Simple Introduction


Introductions First

I’m Kara, a food lover, avid hiker, traveler, crazy gardener, frugalist, wife, mother and full-time student. Beginning this blog is my effort at organizing my obsessions and building connections with people like you who share the same passions. Community is so important, and yet, so often missing in our busy lives.

It’s so easy to look at the lives of others and be envious, while missing the potential in our own. It’s also common to forget about living in the present because we’re so busy planning and hoping for something down the line – You know, that far off future place we talk about all the time.  “When such and such happens, then I’ll…” The things that could enrich our lives often feel out of reach, either because of time or resources, but that’s simply not true. If we’re willing to be positive, present and adventurous, the happy life is all around us.

I Have No Dirt

I love plants, animals, cooking, the outdoors and all things frugal. These areas are where I spend my time and what makes life meaningful. This can be challenging because I live in an urban townhouse, which requires a little more creativity when doing things such as gardening. If you’re like me, it is sometimes difficult to focus on what can be done, rather than on what can’t. It’s easy to think that without land and livestock, doing the things I love is an impossibility. After much reading and research, I’ve found that, while I cannot raise goats on my patio (much to my husband’s relief), there are so many things I can do. As I looked around my deck, which is on the third story, it is clear that creating the environment I want is absolutely possible!

Simply Homemade

I believe that everyone should live well and enjoy nice things.  But, the fact is we all have different budgets.  If, like me, it’s necessary for you to keep expenses down, making things for yourself can be a solution.  I love learning how to do new things, from making soap and body scrubs to baking French bread.  That can cost a lot to buy, but making them at home provides opportunity to afford them.  I’ll share my projects and how to’s with you on the blog.

Working Toward Future Goals, Enjoying Now

Why do I talk about money and saving? My family has enough, but we have future goals in mind that will require focus to accomplish.  We started out a little herky-jerky and aren’t where we would like to be financially.  Where is that?  We want to retire early. Not to a recliner.  To a life of creativity, travel, learning and connection.  Working a 9 to 5 job takes a lot of energy that could otherwise be put into those things.  We don’t want to stop doing, but rather start doing for ourselves instead of others.  In pursuit of that lifestyle, minding the pennies now is important.

Geeking Out And Passing It On

I guess I want to have an excuse to research things like, you know, where peppers originated, or how to grow a tea garden.  Then, I’d like to drag you through the details with me.  Come on, you want to know too, right? When I find new recipes, products, cool books, or amazing road trips, I want to pass that information on to you.

I know your time is limited, so thank you for spending a few moments here with me!  Here is what you can expect from the blog:

  • Updates on projects/activities
  • Frugal tips
  • History of foods
  • Recipes
  • Product/book reviews
  • Today’s harvest
  • Local interviews
  • Travel
  • Silly musings

This leads me to explain the name of the blog: The Provincial Table. What does provincial mean? According to several dictionaries, it can have a few meanings:

  •  Local
  • Having attitudes and opinions –common to people living in a particular area
  • Simple

But it also makes me think about everything that happens around our tables.  Memories are built, dreams take shape, plans made, meals shared and projects done. The kitchen table is such a simple thing, but plays such a central role in the backdrop of our lives.

I would love it if you would spend some of your moments around my virtual table.  Let’s share together.

Your friend,