Frugal Weekend Fun

The perfect sunny trail

The perfect sunny trail

Frugal Does Not Equal Miserly

The Hubby and I have recently had a renewed focus being frugal.  The reason being that we’ve got some goals to accomplish and want to make serious headway.  These include, paying off some debt, refinancing our mortgage and setting aside money to travel (More on that later).  Make no mistake, I am cheap, really cheap, and I enjoy it.  As much as I value being frugal though, I recognize that there is a difference between being miserly and being frugal.  The truth is, not one of us knows what is coming up for us.  We could get into an accident, get sick or lose a job.  In my twenties, I didn’t think this way, but now, in the last year of my thirties, I’m beginning to feel my mortality.  Not in a depressing way, but in a way that encourages me to make each moment count.  All of this is to say that I want to be smart with money, because this is how our important goals are met and the life we want is built, but I don’t want this to be at the expense of living. What good is moving through each day simply to exist?

Free To Roam

The cool thing is that enjoying today can be so simple and, often free. This has been our approach.  We do our best to manage the money we have, plan for the future and enjoy today to the fullest. This weekend we went for a hike.  This is a common occurrence for us because, hello – we live in beautiful Colorado! It was so nice to get out and see the fall leaves, get some exercise and spend  time together.  Little Dog was there, but we were otherwise sans children.  The good thing? It was absolutely FREE!  The bad thing?  I didn’t want to leave!  Get out there, slow down a bit, and explore nearby.

By the way, if you’re in Colorado and want to check out this spot, here is the link: Button Rock Preserve


Hiking Colorado In Springtime

Stretching Our Legs After A Long Winter

Recently, my hubby and I have been trying to get out and take advantage of all the nearby hiking. Colorado probably has enough trails to keep us busy for a millennia, which is fine because it’s so beautiful!  Heil Valley Ranch suited our fancy on this particular day. We were enjoying ourselves so much that we didn’t want to stop, but after nine miles, we did.  The perfect way to end the afternoon was to quench our thirst at a local brewery, and there are plenty of those around here!  Get out and take advantage of the natural beauty near you. It’s a great way to get in shape for summer and an inexpensive way to enjoy an afternoon.  Where are you hiking these days?