Preserve Your Garden Fresh Herbs

Onion Flowers

Onion Flowers

In addition to my balcony garden, I have a plot in the community garden.  It’s not a big space, but I do have a little irrigation system hooked up that auto-waters every morning and evening.  This is a huge time saver; I only have to stop by a few times a week to check on things, picking whatever is ready to go. If I’m being honest, I’d like to have the whole garden to myself, but I guess I have to share.  Bummer.

Balcony Bounty And A Veggie Stir-Fry

snap peas

Fresh from the balcony

Happiness is Fresh Snap Peas

It was a lovely morning, full of sunshine and the musical trills of red-winged blackbirds that live in the soggy marsh near my house. It was going to be a busy day, so I was up early,  with a cup of coffee in one hand and a basket for picking in the other. Today was the day I could FINALLY  harvest some snap peas.  I have been circling the two vine-filled pots on my balcony for weeks, like a hungry vulture.  Well, if vultures were vegetarians anyway. I’m certain anyone who follows me on Instagram has long-since grown tired of seeing pictures of pea plants.  Unfortunately for all of them, my next post will be about peas…again. Sorry guys!

Growing Greens and Peaceful Mornings

Growing Greens and Peaceful Mornings



I got up early this morning, and even at 6 am, it was already heating up – its supposed to be nearly 90 today.  I made a quick cup of coffee (a serious morning necessity) and headed out to my plot in the community garden to see what I could find.  It’s only a 3 minute bike ride down there, and so fresh and peaceful that early.  The birds are cheerfully singing from their high branches and the little brown rabbits are nosing about in the overgrown weeds on the sides of the road.  No one else is out yet and I pretend the entire garden is mine, if only for a few minutes.

Create A Beautiful Balcony Garden


Growing Food In Small Spaces

This summer marks the third year of my balcony garden. We purchased a two-story condo that sits atop an office 3 years ago.  The neighborhood is great – one of those live, work, play communities that have become so popular. However, moving to a more urban environment was an adjustment for me.  I grew up in the Midwest, with gardens and critters all around; a theme I carried into my adult life with my family.  When moving to Colorado, and with only two teenage boys still at home (we have 4 children), we decided to downsize. What was I to do without a backyard and garden?  I decided to try my best with the space I have, and much to my delight, been very successful!

Growing Fresh Herbs: A Simple, Frugal Way To Boost Flavor

Dill grown in a window sill

Fresh herbs are a win

Save Money, Add Flavor; Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs

Have you ever purchased fresh herbs from the grocery store and winced when you saw the price?  If you’re cheap frugal like me, it is just painful to pay $3 or more for a tiny package of dill or thyme.  Herbs are fool-proof to grow.  Seriously, anyone can grow them, with or without a green thumb.  You can either buy a small plant or start from seeds.  Both are simple and economical.

Grow Your Own Microgreens Easily On The Cheap


grow microgreens yourself

Microgreens are too pretty to eat…almost!



Growing Your Own Microgreens

Sometimes, DIY projects are time-consuming and require hard work.  I don’t mind them, but it’s always nice when a project is fun, simple and gives you enjoyable benefits right away.  Purchasing microgreens in a store is expensive; to the tune of $4 for an ounce and a half last time I checked. I planted a flat of microgreens to see if it would be a manageable cost savings and a tasty addition to our table.