Growing Greens and Peaceful Mornings



I got up early this morning, and even at 6 am, it was already heating up – its supposed to be nearly 90 today.  I made a quick cup of coffee (a serious morning necessity) and headed out to my plot in the community garden to see what I could find.  It’s only a 3 minute bike ride down there, and so fresh and peaceful that early.  The birds are cheerfully singing from their high branches and the little brown rabbits are nosing about in the overgrown weeds on the sides of the road.  No one else is out yet and I pretend the entire garden is mine, if only for a few minutes.

Two of the kale plants have been muscling into spaces that don’t belong to them, so today, they got a trim. I was careful to only cut the larger outside leaves so the plants can continue to grow.  Plants that keep growing through the whole season are great because you only need a couple of them.

DSCF4639I also cut some fresh spinach, which has been tempting me for weeks with its crisp, green leaves. Some of the leaves are finally ready, so I snipped strategically, leaving the small ones to grow longer.

Greens are so deceiving; it may look like there is only enough for a small salad, but when you harvest them, you’ve got plenty for the whole family and then some.  This was the case this morning.   With my canvas bag filled to the top with spinach, kale, scallions, and some other herbs that were about to be a tasty addition to my breakfast, I headed home.


I sautéed the spinach and scallions with some  cremini mushrooms left over from last weeks groceries. (I just love using up everything from the week before!) To these, I added eggs and Swiss cheese, plus some avocado and cherry tomatoes.  In less than 10 minutes, I had a delicious,  nutritious and affordable breakfast made from leftovers, garden trimmings and some creativity.

DSCF4964There was even enough kale and spinach to put away for another meal. No running to the grocery store to pay for fresh veggies. Picking things fresh when I need them is more economical that buying it and letting it turn to slime in the refrigerator too.

I love starting out the day this way: a quick bike ride, some garden time and a simple breakfast.