DSCF4576 Weekly Grocery Haul

I had a pretty epic grocery shopping trip last week.  By that, I mean that I got a ton of stuff on sale.  Since so many thins I usually buy were on sale, I bought extra.  So, this week, I was able to go lighter and keep my grocery bill low.  We had two leftover nights last week too, which means I was able to save a meal or two for the meal plan this week.  I’m really excited about the money saved because – you guessed right – it’s going straight toward a credit card.  That’s the debt repayment tactic here – any extra penny is being put toward debt.

I gotta confess my struggle here.  Sprouts had a sale on bulk dried beans this week.  Now, you know my weakness for all bulk foods is already crazy.  Just imagine how enticing it was to walk by those bins that had big, bright sale signs on them. It was tough to pass them up, but pass them up I did.  Phew!!

Last week was the first in my weekly meal plan series.  I didn’t list breakfasts or lunches for two reasons: we eat mainly leftovers for lunches and we go basic for breakfasts.  But, I think listing some of our breakfasts might be beneficial for you guys, so I’ll go ahead and list some of them too.  Hopefully, you can get some ideas from the list!

Here’s What’s For Dinner

And now – I give you this week’s dinner menu!  Feast your eyes ya’ll!

  • Tofu, red pepper, and shiitake mushroom stir fry
  • Chicken Shawarma and Greek salad
  • Spinach, Bacon Quiche and vegetable soup
  • Split Pea soup and garden salad
  • Leftover night
  • Chicken, avocado pepper soup with Mexican salad
  • Tortilla soup and tequila lime chicken
  • Leftover night
  • Carnitas, rice and beans (from the freezer)

Notice the two Mexican soups in a row?  That’s a great way to ensure I use up all the fixings since I’m making them back-to-back.  No cilantro-turned-gooey or soggy peppers in this house!  Use it up!  I try to choose things that will warm up well for lunches too.  Well, except for the chicken.  I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand leftover chicken.  It tastes, well, leftover.  To avoid that, I try to only make enough for that meal.


  • Blueberry muffins
  • Eggs, bacon and hash browns
  • Omelets, sliced avocado and tomato
  • Orange sweet rolls
  • Breakfast quesadillas

Like all of you, our mornings can be busy.  Everyone is trying to get ready, eat and get out the door on time.  I try to make the baked goods on Saturday and Sunday.  We usually have some leftover for Monday morning.  There’s usually a couple of pieces of quiche from dinner that get claimed for breakfast too.  It warms up perfectly in the toaster oven.  The rest of the week, we stick with the egg theme.  They’re quick, nutritious and cheap; what more can you ask for?

Grand Total: $108.90

Sprouts Farmer’s Market: $77.22

Lucky’s Market: $11.35

Safeway: $20.33

As always, this covers all meals and snacks for 4 people.  That comes to $ 1.29 per person, per day.  We are eating whole, nutritious foods.  By cooking from scratch, you can eat really cheap, while fueling your body with great food. I’m not spending hours slaving away in the kitchen.  The meals I choose are simple, tasty and are planned with daily schedules in mind.

Our set weekly grocery budget is $150 but I like to challenge myself further by trying to get the best meals for less than that.  Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t and that’s okay, just so long as I don’t go over our set amount.  This week, I came in $41.10 under budget.  That money is going to become an extra credit card payment. Success!

I’m trying one new recipe this week – chicken shawarma.  I’m also going to experiment with making some breakfast burritos this weekend to put up in the freezer for a quick grab-and-go option on busy mornings.  I’ll let you know how these newbies to the line up fair!